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    1. Rear Dump Semi TrailerThis scientific semi trailer design allows the trailer to have reduced weight while carrying the same load as an ordinary rear dumping unit. The dumping box is made of high-strength, cold rolled corrugated plates. It features a frameless construction, and offers choices of heights and loading space size. Multiple hydraulic cylinders are used to jack up the box so that it would tilt backwards to dump the materia
    1. Side Dump Semi TrailerThe trailer main beam and the longitudinal beam of the dumping box have been sent through submerged arc welding process. A specialized loader is used to assemble the axle and leaf spring to the accurate position.

Dump Semi Trailer

The dump semi trailer is suitable for transporting coals, minerals, and other loose building materials in bulk. Depending on its uses, our dumper trailer can be divided in two types. One is for heavy- or severe-duty off-road applications where it is used to transport large rocks that have recently been dug out by excavators. The other is for medium- or light-duty on-road transportation of gravels, earth, and coals which have been loaded onto the trailer by a loader.

1. The dump semi trailer has a dumping box that tilts backward or to the side to dump the loose material thereby eliminating the manual unloading task for improved unloading efficiency.

2. The trailer chassis and the longitudinal beam of the dumping box are made of high-quality manganese plates through welding process. The dumping box can be designed in one of the two shapes: either dust-pan or rectangular. High strength, large lifting force, maximum rigidity, great payload, and minimal deformation are the major benefits of our dumping vehicle for its users.

3. Premium axles are selected from professional axle manufacturers. They are able to bear heavy load without deformation. Upon your request, an ABS brake system can be installed to make your dump semi trailer stop faster and allow more steering ability while the vehicle is stopping. It prevents the trailer from sliding to the side or its back end swinging out of track completely, thus improving driving safety.

4. The dumping box is made of high-strength, lightweight cold-rolled plates through pickling and bonderizing to increase the adhesion of the painting to the coated surface.

5. The dumping box door can be opened automatically, or manually during emergency. It is easy, reliable to use.

6. Dual air brake system is used to provide reliable, safe braking operation. The air reservoir tank can release the air that causes the brake to work. It has the function of keeping the trailer motionless when it is parked.

7. Fully enclosed, waterproof tool box

8. HYVA hydraulic lift cylinder can push the dumping box to a great height. The longitudinal beam has been through submerged arc welding process. An assembly machine is used to accurately assemble the axle and leaf spring.

The dump semi trailer can be custom designed according to customer specific requirements. Please tell us the kind of materials to be transported and we can then design a suitable model to meet your need.