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Comparative Advantage

Tongya Automobile is a privately owned enterprise, where operations across departments are well coordinated for maximum efficiency. TONGYA is located within easy reach of various raw materials necessary for semi-trailer manufacture.

We own one of the 5 largest production facilities presently found in Chinese semi-trailer industry. Private ownership means we can make the best use of our money and equipment to carry out production flexibly. Our workers are paid for each part they make or each task they do, rather than being paid hourly. That is why we can participate in the work more actively than you have ever seen.

Our tank semi trailer has earned us a reputation in China and is the preferred choice by Chinese trailer users. Compared with factories located in Southern or Central China, we have geographical advantages by locating us within close proximity to water ports.

Production facilities are constructed close to each other, which facilitates integrated management and mass production.

We hire 128 senior technicians, and 80 semi-trailer designers who have at least 5 years of hands-on experience in what they are doing now. At TONGYA, semi-trailers can be custom designed to individual requirements.

Production Capacity
Our production facilities have altogether a floor area of 160,000 square meters. Outfitted with 18 semi-trailer production lines and 12 tank trailer lines, our plants are capable of producing 600 sets of semi trailers per month.

We are located in Liangshan County, one of Chinese manufacturing hubs for semi-trailers. There are plenty of trailer parts manufacturers around us, from whom we can source only the best parts for our semi trailers. The close proximity to Port of Qingdao, Port of Tianjin, and Port of Shanghai allows us to ship your ordered trailers at a low cost.

Parts Sourcing
We select only the best raw materials and parts from suppliers with ISO and CCC certificates who can provide at least a 6-month quality warranty.

I. Our Steel Suppliers
Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel
TISCO is the largest stainless steel manufacturer in Mainland China. It mainly focus on the manufacture of steel sheets and plates.

Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation
Headquartered in Shanghai, Baosteel is the largest steel company in China.

Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd.
The company is a listed and subsidiary company of Shougang Group.

Jinan Steel Group Co., Ltd.
Jinan Steel is affiliated to Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.. Built in 1958, Jinan Steel mainly produces medium-thickness, hot-rolled, and cold-rolled steel sheets.

Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation
Ansteel is the second largest state-owned steel company in Mainland China.

Baotou Iron and Steel Group
Baogang Group has a large production base of steel rails and the largest scientific research and production base of rare earth in China. It also provides a full range of seamless steel tubes. Its annual sales revenue is up to 100 billion RMB.

II. Main Parts
Listed below are the main brands we would usually go for. Upon your request, we can select the required brand-name parts.

1. Axle and Suspension
BPW has been producing axles for over a century. With advanced technology, integrated design and inspection system, high quality awareness, and ongoing effort to innovate, BPW is undoubtedly one of the largest axle manufacturers in the world. BPW (Meizhou) Axle Company is a Sino-Germany joint venture where our axles and suspensions are purchased.

Incepted in 1997, Guangdong Fuwa Engineering Manufacturing Company is the largest semi trailer parts manufacturer and distributor in Asia. The company has since been supplying semi trailer manufacturing and transportation industries with the axle, landing gear, suspension, fifth wheel coupling, and kingpin.

Guangzhou Huajing Machine Manufacture was founded in 2002. It is a specialist in the manufacture of axle assembly, suspensions, landing gear, and other parts. HUJING is capable of producing 200,000 axles, 20,000 suspensions and 1 million sets of brake shoes on an annual basis. As ISO9001 certified company, HUAJING also passed TS16949 certification in 2007. Towards the end of 2012, the company achieves an export value of 1.3 billion RMB.

2. Landing Gear
Available either in single- or double-action types. Brands: JOST or FUWA (

3. Kingpin
Welded or screw threaded mounting. Brand: JOST (

4. Air Brake Chamber
Selected from brands that are specially intended for export or customers can tell us which brand should be selected.

5. Wiring, Lighting Fixture and Reflective Marking
These parts are provided by Nangua Vehicle Parts Company. The company was created in 1992 with an annual capacity of 50 million parts.

6. Emergency Brake Valve and ABS Brake System
Brake valves and ABS system are sourced from WABCO, a leading supplier of commercial vehicle safety and control system. Over the past 140 years, WABCO has been supplying brakes and control systems for commercial trucks, passenger cars and semi trailers.

Or as an alternative, we can select Comet Automotive Brake Technology Development Company as our ABS supplier. COMET is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in the development, production, sales, and servicing of automotive brakes. The company once was listed in the national Torch Program for developing the ABS system, which is considered as the key automotive electronic component. Now COMET has quickly emerged as the leading ABS manufacturer and ranks No.1 for ABS production and sales for 10 years in a roll.

Hydraulic Jack
The hydraulic jack is of the HYVA brand. It is used to jack up the load bed so that the trailer can tilt backwards to allow the load to automatically slide down from the vehicle.

HYVA is a well-known developer, producer, and distributor of commercial vehicle parts. Available at an attractive price, high quality HYVA parts are also backed up by integrated after-sales services. The company has advanced production plants in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, and Holland.

There are numerous semi-trailer manufacturers in China. In order to win more market share, many trailer makers try every way they could to control cost. It is no surprise that some try to pass off fakes as valuable trailer parts. Cheating customers is one thing that we don’t do. You can check the authenticity of every part on our trailer from its suppliers’ official website or contact their after-sales department. We also suggest you that do not solely focus on the attractive price some trailer manufactures provide. Checking the quality can be a guarantee that you get the cost-effective products.

TONGYA owns more than 400 sets of production and inspection equipment, including the industry-leading NC cutter, automatic welder, heavy-duty bender, steel plate joiner, and automatic tank welding and turnover machine. Our production plant is also outfitted with the 21m-long paint booth for spray painting and paint baking, Swiss four-wheel alignment instrument, and the largest shot-peening machine that you have ever seen in Shandong Province which allows the whole trailer to pass through. Presently we are supplying a total of more than 100 varieties of semi trailers available in 8 series. All our products have passed the national technical appraisal.

Environmental Protection
Spacious spray booths prevent paints from being released into the air which might cause severe air pollution.