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Semi-Trailer Maintenance Tips

Visually inspect the tires for under-inflation or any impurities that adhere to the tire surface. Keep an eye on your steel rim for any deformation or crack.

Wheel Lug Nuts
Never overlook these small details. Check the nuts one by one. Sure, it is no big deal to run without a nut. And sure, you can afford to lose a tire. But neither is a guarantee that you wouldn’t feel sorry for yourself being caught in a car accident. In other words, anything that goes wrong with the tire is no small matter. Better keep that in mind.

Run your eye over the suspension. Check to see if your nuts, screws and U bolts work loose since these parts will directly affect whether they bite the tire or not.

Landing Gear or Support Leg
Swing the legs up and down for a few times and see if they work properly. Then check the weld for any cracks. In many cases, especially for those dump trailer drivers, please do inspect your landing gear.

Running Gear
Run your hands across the moving parts of the trailer, including hinges, hooks, stubs, and container locks, to feel any cracks on them. Check with your eyes the locking bars and boxboards.

Lighting Fixture and Reflective Marking
Touch the electrical circuit to feel any abnormalities. Turn on the lights to see if they function normally. Make sure that the reflective markings stay on the trailer. If you don’t believe my words, please ask those trailer drivers who have got fined for missing the reflective markings.

Tractor and Brake
Start your car and look at the air pressure gauge on your dashboard in your driving room to see whether the reading falls within the average range. Then give your trailer a brake and make sure it is in safe working condition.

Braking System
Get off your trailer and see whether you can hear the air leak sound. This way, you can judge if the braking system works properly.