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At TONGYA, we hire 5 front line operators who have more than 4 years of experience in foreign trade service. These service men take turns to work on all shifts to provide 24/7 services for international customers. Additionally, we get one of our technical specialists to work solely on solving questions posed by customers via telephone, video chat, or fax. Even more beneficial to our regular customers, we send our production men, technicians and quality inspectors to their sites periodically. Thus far, we have visited many foreign clients in Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Tanzania. Our earliest foreign trade dates back to 2007 when we exported our container transport trailers which have been serving customers safely till now.

Our 3-R policy, or the policy of repair, replacement and refund, is applicable to all parts of our semi trailer within the 6-month guarantee period. For customers who buy over 100 trailer sets, we would like to provide onsite services. A recent oversea business trip once again proves the reliability of our semi trailers which have serving customers safely for five years since 2008.

To better serve our customers and help them succeed in semi trailer operations, we set out the following commitments.

1. We shall respond shortly after receiving phone calls or emails from customers. A proper answer will be given to customers within 24 hours even for the most complicated problems.
2. We shall go to customers’ sites or invite them to our company if their problems can not be solved effectively via email or phone. Based on our analysis, we will determine whether the problem occurs due to our manufacturing fault. If it is, we will take due responsibilities according to the 3-R policy.
3. Deciding who is at fault for the trailer problems can be a daunting task. Instead of finding fault in others, we suggest to find remedies first before going into the casual analysis and subsequent claim for compensation.
4. If any problem occurs to our semi-trailer of a specific model, its cause will be determined based on the requirements and terms stated in the contract as well as the specific applicable conditions. Dispute will be solved according to the service control procedures.
5. We shall provide trainings on trailer operation, maintenance, and repair upon customers picking up their new trailers.